Mad Max Japanese Movie Programs


As with most films released in Japan, there were movie programs for all 3 Mad Max films. Below are scans of the front covers for all 3 programs.

Japanese Mad Max Movie Program Cover  Japanese Mad Max 2 (Road Warrior) Movie Program Cover  Japanese Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Movie Program Cover

Japanese movie programs are often a good source of detailed information and images, differing in content from the standard publicity material you find in most countries. Be aware, however, that all of the text is in Japanese. These programs were still relatively easy to get last time I obtained a set for someone (early 1999), and can often be found on eBay. Note that a complete Mad Max 2 program should come with a small foldout poster inside. Also note that the Thunderdome program is slightly larger than the other two.

A final note of interest: If you have noticed any publicity pictures on the madmaxmovies web site that are a little different to the standard publicity pictures you are used to seeing, there is actually a good chance that one of these programs was the source for the image.

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