Mad Max Cars
March Hare (Sarse & Scuttle)

Stay off the road!

This car is a Ford Falcon XA sedan, 6 cylinder, probably a 1972 model. Unlike the other two yellow cars, which were both ex-police cars, this car was an ex-taxi. Being an ex-taxi it was already run down and in fairly poor condition before it was used in the film. The smoke belching out of the exhaust pipe was something the car was already doing on it's own, no special effects were required to enhance this car!

We're going, we're gone...

At the end of the opening chase sequence, this car ends up rolled over on its roof in front of the caravan. Given the already poor condition of the car in general, it was then subsequently crushed. Don't be fooled by the appearance of the car later in the film, the opening chase sequence was filmed last. This car was never fixed up and reused.

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