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Jim Goose's KZ1000 Kwaka

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Goose's ride is a 1977 Kawasaki KZ1000, or, more correctly, a Kwaka. Take a close look at the "Kawasaki" badge on the side of the bike when you next see the film.

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The fairings were supplied by the Melbourne based company La Parisienne, who unfortunately closed up business within a few years of the films release. The moulds for the fairings may still be around in the hands of another company or individual, if anyone has more information on this, please contact me.

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If you're thinking of building a replica, then you should definitely check out the page on  Whitehouse Japan, which includes a full scan of their Goose's bike brochure. Someone also pointed out that Airtech Streamlining make similar fairings, although I haven't had the time to investigate that one fully.

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To decorate the fairings, you might also notice the "Jim Goose" sticker, which appears to be a goose wearing flying goggles and a scarf.

Careful you don't drop it!

Australian Federal Police bike, also based on a Kawasaki KZ1000
Picture courtesy of Australian Police Vehicles


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