Mad Max Filming Locations
Spotswood Pumping Station / Science Works

MFP headquarters (exterior) is the Spotswood MMBW Pumping Station, on Douglas Parade, Spotswood (behind Science Works).  Melways reference 56 B1.  Fifi's office is at the top of the South tower.  If you visit Science Works you can get a 45 minute tour of the pumping station, primarily the courtyard area and the lower levels of the two towers (you can also wander around the courtyard when not on the proper tour, but the towers are locked).  The tour doesn't take you upstairs in the towers either, they probably figure there's nothing of interest to see for most visitors!

The pumping station can also be seen in a variety of other Australian film / TV, such as Carson's Law, Ocean Girl, and Jack The Ripper (coming soon, apparently).

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