Mad Max Filming Locations
The House Ruins (Traveller's Inn, Little River)

This is the location of the scene where we see Max and Goose questioning a biker and his girlfriend, riding a weird trike (for more info on the bubble trike, see the cars section). In reality this road is only about half a kilometre away from the intersection in the opening chase of the film where the two yellow MFP cars and the nightrider meet. Also note that in the film, when Max and Goose drive off, they travel down a straight road. This isn't actually from this location - if you look at the photos below, you'll see a road sign indicating otherwise! The sign is also in the film itself - the real road from here turns quite sharply and heads across Rothwell Bridge... it's all just movie magic.

Note that just across Rothwell Bridge from this location is the creek where one of the cut scenes was filmed.

We gotcha, we're goin'
Max, parked beside the House Ruins.

It's a get out of jail free card!
Goose talks with the locals

HouseRuins1.jpg (13997 bytes)
20 years later... Things don't change much around Little River!


Some history for you - The house at the location was originally built by William Perren. The river opposite the ruins, where they shot the scene where Max cleans his injured knee in the river, is the spot William's 6 year old son Thomas drowned in 1850. The ruins is now all that remains.

Some additional history for you (courtesy of the Little River Historical Society) - The building actually marks the location of the original settlement of Little River. The building was called The Traveller's Inn, and was built at this location due to the river crossing. The building had apparently been burnt down once previously, and rebuilt, before burning down again. Eventually the rail line between Geelong and Melbourne was put through, a few kilometres away from this site, and the town followed. The ruins is all that remains of the original settlement today.


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