Mad Max Filming Locations
Kirk's Bridge Road

This road was probably one of the most used in the film. Obviously from the photos below, it was the location of the biker / bridge wipeout scene. Notice that for filming they actually removed the railings from one side of the bridge - if you look in the film you can see them piled up on the embankment. Also note that when Max does the u-turn it's actually not on this road.

Just up the road about 100 metres is the side road where Max has the interceptor parked at the start of the film. In addition to this, the scene where the bikers take off up a straight road with Max in pursuit was also filmed on this road.

Please note that despite persistant rumours to the contrary, the stuntman who was hit in the head by the bike was most certainly NOT killed. They wouldn't have used the footage for starters. He is most certainly alive and well today.

Holy shit! George Miller told me the drop was only a few feet!
Kirk's Bridge, where Max wipes out 4 bikers in style.

KirksBridge1.jpg (22370 bytes)
Kirk's Bridge, 20 years later.

KirksBridgeRoad3.jpg (39278 bytes)
Kirk's Bridge front on.


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