Mad Max Filming Locations
Craigieburn Auto Wreckers

This is the location of the wrecking yard Max's family visits, and where the Toecutter's bike is repaired. The buildings were still there until around mid 2000, but the site is no longer a wrecking yard, and the area is now fenced in on private property.

As of mid 2000, the office building has been demolished.

The wrecking yard, early 2000.

You can still see the remains from outside the fence, and I know a couple of people who asked nicely and managed to take a couple of photos from inside the yard, but I doubt they'd allow many people to do that, especially as the site is now derelict.

The wrecking yard, early 2000.

To find the wreckers location, you want to travel along the Hume Highway until you reach the note printing works (Melways reference 180 C1), and then enter the estate opposite. Follow Rushwood Drive around to the end, where you'll see the fence surrounding the property. If you look through, you should be able to see the site of the building above, marked with a red 'X' on the map below.


Thanks to Nick Frame for his help on this one.


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