Mel Gibson - Max Rockatansky

At present I have not attempted much of a biography on Mel, primarily because there are plenty of other Mel Gibson specific pages which cover his work in a lot more detail than I could offer here. However, the most common question relating to Mel in Mad Max is still probably whether or not "Mad Max" was Mel Gibson's first film, a question which is surprisingly not clearly answered in most places I have looked.

Mel Gibson's feature film debut was in "Summer City" (1976), for which he was apparently paid $20, while still a student at NIDA. "Mad Max" was his second film, which was filmed between 1977 and 1978, although not released until 1979. "Tim" was filmed after "Mad Max", but because of the shorter post production time was released within weeks of the initial release of "Mad Max" in Australia.

To view Mel's complete list of films, you might try viewing his filmography in the Internet Movie Database. For further information, try some of the Mel Gibson links on my Mad Max links page.

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