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Mindscape's Mad Max for NES (Nintendo)

In 1990, Minscape released what is (as far as I know) the only ever official Mad Max game, for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

Box of NES Mad Max game
Box of NES Mad Max game

Although the game carries the Mad Max name, it unfortunately doesn't carry the Mad Max excitement, being nothing more than a fairly basic overhead shoot 'em up / car game - or that's my impression from what I've seen so far (I must admit to not having played it too much yet!).

Below are some screen shots from the game:

Mad Max game title screen
Title screen from the game.

Mad Max game intro
Game intro, describing the background story
(the monolgoue from Mad Max 2).

These days you can pick the game up for as little as $5 in the second hand market.   The only drawback is that many people don't actually own a working NES system any longer to play it on.  That's where the magic of PC emulation comes in.  All you need to do is dump the cartridge ROMs onto your PC, and play the game through one of the many NES PC emulators now available.  I recommend taking a look at for a selection of Emulator's for various systems. You could also try one of the other emulation sites, such as Emulator's Unlimited or Monroworld. Apparently also has the Mad Max ROMs and some emulators online, in case everything else is broken. I also just found this page, which has the ROM as well, and also suggests the emulator fwNES - apparently NESticle won't work with this game.

If you don't have the necessary equipment to dump the ROMs yourself, then simply grab the cartridge image from here.  Note that only people who actually own the original cartridge are permitted to download the ROMs, non-cartridge owners are entitled to a 24 hour evaluation period ONLY, after which you must either purchase the game or delete the ROMs.

Finally, if you picked up the game on the second hand market, there is a fairly good chance that the original owner lost or damaged the manual, and you no longer have it.   If you'd like to view the manual, simply follow this link to view a complete scan of the manual.

If you're playing the game, you might also like to check this site for cheat codes:


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