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Roadkill Warriors UT2004 Mod

Note: As of late 2011, the "" site has gone offline - I have left this reference page for the game, but this may no longer be a running project.

This project was originally developed as a mod to Halflife 2 / Unreal Tournament 2004 (UT2004). The project has more recently moved on from that technology base, and the current work in progress uses Epic Game's Unreal 3 engine. The Roadkill Warriors web site describes the game as follows:

RKW mixes firstperson & vehicular combat aswell with semi-realistic gameplay in a post apocalyptic world. Our goal is to give the player a sense of realism but without removing the arcade style gameplay.

RKW is influenced and inspired by well known MAD MAX movies and games like Interstate 76 and Carmaggeddon series plus many more

A quick browse through the site, particularly the media section, reveals some familiar looking vehciles (these are taken from the original UT2004 mod version)...

And of course weapons...

Head on over to the Roadkill Warriors web site for downloads and futher information.

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