Cover of the game box.

Quite a few people in the past have noted similarities between this game and Mad Max 2 (Road Warrior), and now finally, thanks to Jon Gibbs, I have some info and pictures to share on the page. Jon posted the following description of the game (with screen shots provided by Wouter):

"You start out driving your black interceptor and have to get to the nearest town. While driving between towns you run bikers off the road, if you pull along side one it will show a little picture of your window where your sawed-off shotgun yielding leather gloved hand will let you shoot him before he, a guy with a mow-hawk who looks a lot like Wez, shoots you with his cross bow that's on his wrist. Other bikers have helmets and look like the ones in the Toecutters gang. If you go off the road or hit too much stuff it will show a pic of a guy who looks a lot like Mel Gibson in a frightened look, then a pic of a black wrecked car upside down with an arm hanging out the window, looks like the same shot from Road Warrior, pretty close anyways."

"The drivers seat is on the right inside the car. Unlike the movies, your car has 2 guns on the front which you can't see but use to kill bikers. If you get a long ways in the game you can get a blower EXACTLY like Max's that you see through the front window. You also have NOS in the game. The bad part about the game when you start out, you drive killing bikers for about five minutes before getting to the town where at the town you walk for about four seconds and get either chained, or bombed by a guy on a fast moving motorcycle that comes out of no where."

"If you duck to avoid the chain then a second motorcycle comes by and drops a bomb that kills you, having to start at the very beginning again, you do have your shotgun to kill the guy but he goes too fast to shoot him in time right off the bat, it takes a lot of driving time to get that timing down. There are 28 towns to go through. I only got to the first one, not actually owning a sega myself, and not having enough time to master that timing. I did not see any outside pictures of the Interceptor. I hope you had fun reading all that about the game that almost was... Mad Max "


Back of the game box.

As with the Mad Max NES game, this game can also be played with one of the various PC emulators. To grab the rom, try visiting and download the "Outland" ROMs. You can also downloaded a Sega Genesis emulator from the same site, KGen seems to be the recommended one to try. Alternative Sega Genesis emulators can also be found at Dave's Video Game Classics. Thanks to Jason Cooley for doing all the research on this, and sending me the info.

Frank Adams has also suggested that this game is available for the Super Nintento Entertainment System (SNES), and after playing both he believes that the SNES version is the better one to play. He pointed me to for more info, although I haven't personally tried it out. Apparently the SNES ROMs can be found at


Outlander3.JPG (26472 bytes)
Screen shot, showing the blower sticking out through the bonnet.


Screen shot, blowing the biker away with the sawn off shotgun.


Some final notes on the game, from "ElToxico":

"I've completed the game plenty of times already, and I think it's fun if you're on a Mad Max kick or just plain bored...Nevertheless, it's a good game, even though it's a bit even-keeled. The thing is, the game's similarity to Mad Max or even The Road Warrior is a bit off, probably due to conflicts with copyrighting. As you progress in the game, you'll find yourself using S.A.M.'s (Surface to Air Missiles) against Gyro Captains

(The horror! Who's sick, twisted idea was it to make an enemy of the Gyro Captain?) and red pickup trucks (I don't recall any red pickups in their original state in any of the movies). You'll come across mohawk bikers and all that too, as we already know. The boss of the game is this guy with a cybernetic arm or something of the like, which came out of left field, not out of Mad Max. So, basically, the game's plot is only derived from Mad Max. It's kind of like one of those lame Mad Max ripoffs, like "Warriors of the Year 3000"...You probably know what I'm talking about."

Chris King also managed to finish the game, and offered the following extra information:

You go through many different towns, running into four types of enemies on the road or walking. On the road you'll run into bad cop bikers, mohawker bikers, gyro pilot bombers, and 2 trucks that are armed with automatic guns. On the ground when your walking you run into a girl with a pump action shotgun who can also club you with the gun butt, a guy with a white t-shirt and tattoos who will basically beat you to death, a mohawker that shoots you with a crossbow, and two types of bikers, one that throws a molotov cocktail at you, and the others try to belt you with chains as they drive by. The items also go almost exactly with Mad Max, the items that go with the movies are food, water, shotgun shells, nitro, a V-8 engine upgrade, fuel, and a geiger counter. The items that were added to juice up the game are body armor, SAM's (Surface-to-air Missles), car armor, replacement tires and windshields. All in all it's a very cool game, and it takes time and patience to actually beat.


A BIG thanks to Wouter, who downloaded the game and emulators, obviously played it heaps, and provided almost all of the screen shots seen on this page (in fact all the images except for one).


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