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Need For Speed

Need For Speed allows you to build your own custom cars. Below are some screen captures and descriptions sent to me by Jon Gibbs. Jon Gibbs custom cars can be found at his web page: or

The first 5 pictures are some recent (July 2002) screen captures sent in by Jon.


The smaller screen captures below are some older (1999) screen captures that Jon sent in.

HQ Monaro

Chrysler Charger RT E49

Interceptor and Lamborghini Countach

Interceptor and Nightriders HQ Pursuit Special

Interceptor off a jump (hehe)

Same as above (hehehe)

HQ going off a jump

My "re-done" Interceptor 2 (same as his but with front spoiler removed)

HQ pursuit special and Interceptor


Kevin Wolfe has created a series of Aussie Muscle Cars for Need For Speed, which can be found at He has some Mad Max specific cars amongst them, which can be found at He also has a gallary page of Australian Muscle Cars at Below are some images sent to me by Kevin.

Kevin has also created cars for other games as well, you should check his page for further info.

This is Kevin's newest Interceptor version, near completion.

Here is a render of the car, placed in front of a real background from the film.

This is how the car looks in the NFS 4 High Stakes game.


EraHD has also done a skin, this time for the new Need For Speed, Hot Pursuit 2. There's no 1973 XB GT Ford Falcon Coupe in the game, so he modified the Mustang SVT Cobra R.

The skin can be downloaded from either or

Finally, you should also check out Turbo Runner's Need For Speed page: He has made a Mad Max car for Need For Speed 3 / 4, and is working on the Mack truck.


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