The Fallout series has been around for some years now. These first pictures and from the original incarnations of the game, and the pictures and info are supplied by Brendan Stone:

I read your section on Reference: Fallout. It may please you to know that the Mad Max connection goes beyond that! One of the armours in the game, the first one in fact, is Mad Max's jacket! (picture enclosed). In addition, the sawed off shotgun is very similar to the one in Mad Max. Also, its rumoured that Mad Max himself is a secret encounter in Fallout 2. You can see the very Max Mad-like uniforms in the JPEG.

The latest incarnations of the Fallout Series have been "Fallout 3" released in late 2008, and "Fallout New Vegas", released in 2010. Do the new versions still maintain the same kind of Mad Max references as the old ones? Take a look at the screen shot below from Fallout 3 and judge for yourself.

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