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As far as I know, there was only one official Mad Max game even produced: Mad Max, for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), by Mindscape, 1990. This is an over-head perspective style game, based on Mad Max 2. For more detailed information, including screen shots of the game, pictures of the packaging, and a complete scan of the user manual, check out my Mad Max NES sub-page for the game. Also check out Dan Man's page at for further info on the gameplay.

There have been rumours of an official Road Warrior game in development, see for further info.


Inspired / Unofficial

None of these "unofficial" games actually bear any of the Mad Max logos or trademarks, they are listed here basically because of various similarities they have with the Mad Max movies.

Outlander, for the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, by Mindscape. Apparently very similar to the official NES game above, but the licensing fell through and it became an unofficial game with a different title. I haven't seen this one myself first hand yet, but I have created an Outlander sub-page showing some scans of the box, and some screen shots. You might also want to check out Dan Man's page at for some further info.

Fallout is a computer RPG with several references to Road Warrior, see the references sub-page for more info. Also see the sub-page.

Need For Speed - see the sub-page.

Carmageddon - see the sub-page.

Insane - see the sub-page.

Wasteland Half-Life is a new RPG, in which the various characters seem to bear quite a resemblance to characters you'd see from Road Warrior. Check out their home page at

The Wastes, seems kind of similar to the game above (based on half-life), although I haven't really given his an in depth look. See it at

Interstate '76 / '82 - see the sub-page.

Grant Theft Auto has been modded for the Mad Max world several times, see the Grant Theft Auto Mad Max Mods sub-page.

Roadkill Warriors - an excellent looking UT2004 mod, see the sub-page for further information.


In Development

"Road Warrior",

At first when I came across this I wasn't sure if it was just a fan based game, but they seem to be intending on targeting platforms like PS2, XBOX, etc, which implies that they must have some sort of official license. Does anyone know any more about this one?


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