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The April 13 1981 draft of the Mad Max 2 (Road Warrior) script can be found online at, jump to the script here. This was originally transribed page by page on Danny Penton's Mad Max web site (now dead), if anyone knows where this is still archived, let me know - when I get time, I will archive it online here.

A transcript for Mad Max was provided to me by Jon M, and is available for download. Like Jon says, it's not an original script, but at least it's something until the real thing surfaces.

Similarly, a transcript of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome can be found online at Script-O-Rama, jump to the script here. If I ever get time, I'll transcribe the actual screenplay, it still doesn't appear to be online anywhere, although readily available in printed form.

I do not currently know of any other Mad Max scripts being available online for download. If you know of any online copies of the other scripts, then please contact me.


Scripts In Printed Form

For physical copies (photocopies) of the scripts, try or They should both have scripts available for Road Warrior (Mad Max 2) and Thunderdome. As far as I know, no one has a script for the original Mad Max available. I have heard from at least one person who has successfully ordered from Hollywood Book City, and was very happy with the quality of the script he received. Note that the script shop, who I previously had linked, are no longer in business - if anyone knows of any other online stores, let me know as well. And you can always try eBay. 


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