Building Your Own Replica Mad Max Car

For the most part, people want to build either the Black Mad Max Interceptor (or Pursuit Special if you prefer), or one of the Yellow Interceptor / Pursuits from the first film. So at this stage there are only pages online detailing what's involved in building either of those cars. If people embark on building replicas of the other vehicles in the future, that research will be detailed in further pages here. For now though, the briefer car listing pages for each film would probably be a good starting point for the other vehicles.

Note that many of the parts used in customising these cars are not necessarily readily available these days - some of the parts weren't even that common back when the films were made. In some cases you may not be able to obtain the original parts any more, and will need to settle for replica parts. Depending on the part there are often multiple people making copy parts, of varying costs and qualities. If you are unsure about anything, ask questions. Anyone selling you something should be able to give you an answer to your satisfaction, or they're probably not worth buying from. Also, don't regard my page here as the only source of information. There are a lot of other related pages to be found on my links page, so I'd suggest doing some further research first before starting on a replica project.

Oh yeah, one more thing, have fun!


Build the Black on Black Mad Max Interceptor
Build the Yellow Interceptors / Pursuits
Build Goose's Bike / Other Bikes
Replica Vehicle Builders / Parts Sellers
MFP Overhead Consoles / Radios


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