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Note that all kits listed on this page are unlicensed, I do not know of any licensed kits that have been produced.

Death, Inc "Warrior of the Wasteland"

There have been a few character kits around, the main one probably being the model kit by Death, Inc "Warrior of the Wasteland" kit of Max and Dog. This kit was probably fairly readily available around 10 years ago, although I don't think it is being made any more, and is obviously a little scarcer now. Below is a picture of a completed kit, I have pictures of the box and unpainted kit which I hope to scan and add soon.

Completed Death Inc kit by John Grimm

Mike Cassidy had the following to say about the above kit:

"Without putting too fine a point on it, this kit is a mess. The catalog I ordered it from claimed Randy Bowen, the genius sculptor, was responsible for it but I dunno about THAT one!!! Before you even notice what's wrong with the kit, the casting is terrible!! The head looks more like Mel than Comet's but the ears and hair will have to be more defined with Milliput or Sculpey. The shoulder pad seems a little too small and generally all Max's "knick-knacks" such as his spanner, penknife, etc. and the pouches on his belt are all missing. Personally, I feel his left arm is too long and I would try to modify it or even sculpt a new one. Max's leg brace is way off as well. It's been sculpted as part of the leg (As opposed to Comet's version which gives you seperate pieces to construct and attach.) and drastically simplified. I'd shave it completely off with a Dremel and scratch-build something more accurate. As for the dog........well, let's not even get STARTED on the dog!!! Both these kits would definitely require experienced modellers, and even then!!"

David Giovannini also built the kit, and has provided a series of photos to show how he went about it. Check out David's sub-page for an inside look on how to build this kit.

Building the Death Inc. kit, by David Giovannini.


Comet Miniatures

Comet Miniatures in the UK currently sells a different 1:6 scale model of Mad Max with his sawed off shotgun. The price is about 50UKP, and it is a KIT, not a ready made item like I previously thought - you'll have to assemble and paint this one yourself. Frontier Models also sell this kit, their price is 45. It is pictured below:

madmax.jpg (60067 bytes)
Comet Miniatures Kit

I also have online some additional pictures of this kit built by Willi.


Other Kits

There is also a relatively new kit available of a beat up Max, with the Feral Kid. I don't know much more about this one than what the ad shows below:

Click on the ad above to see the full size version, as scanned and sent to me by David Giovannini.


There was once a 7" resin kit of Max at - this company no longer seems to exist, and I didn't save much info on this one (we used to just link their web page, but now it is gone!). The kit was US$30, and I don't appear to have a copy of the picture of this one - if anyone has a pic or any further info, please send it over.

There was also a 1:6 scale resin kit of Tina Turner from Thunderdome. This was originally seen listed as the "Thunder Dome Queen" model at Star Wars Emporium (UK), around 2000, although they no longer seem to have it for sale. Below are a couple of pictures from the kit, this does seem to have been made in the UK, so you might still find it at some specialist stores there, otherwise try ebay. You can also find some more detailed information and pics on this one over at (the pictures below are smaller versions borrowed from pics on the madmaxmodels site).

Tina Turner Thunder Dome Queen model kit parts

There was also a resin kit of Master Blaster, released around September 2004. This was originally available through Gung Ho Sci Fi, a US based line of sci fi models, apparently sculpted by Los Angeles based artist Toi Ogunyoku Jr. Unfortunately as of 2009 this company no longer seems to exist, making this kit also difficult to come by these days (again, try specialist stores, or ebay). Below is a description of the model, originally from the Gung Ho Sci Fi site:

Little Big Man Resin Model Kit
This 1/6th scale resin kit is approximately 15" tall. It consists of 21 parts, all
cast in a high quality grey resin. An instruction sheet and color photos are
included. This kit was cast and molded by Steve West. The base is not

Originally the kit was listed for US$150, although it was later discounted to US$119. You can access the old Gung Ho Sci Fi web page through the Wayback Machine - just remember that this is an archive from 2009, not a current web site (don't place an order!). Some pictures from the Gung Ho site can be found below (click on the images to view full size), and you can also find some further information and pictures on this kit over at

top left cu cu


For kit info, thanks to:
Chris Duncan, David Giovannini, John Grimm and Michael Brown.

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