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Mad Max Interceptor Plastic and Resin Models Kits

As far as I am aware, the only kits on the list below that are officially licensed are the Aoshima kits. All of the remaining kits listed below are custom created kits, and none were official that I'm aware of (if this is incorrect, please let me know). As far as I am also aware, none of these kits are currently in production or available directly from the manufacturer at the moment - you would be recommended to search ebay or similar. If you have more up to date information on the availability of any of these kits, or information on any new kits, please just let me know.

Mad Max Interceptor Kits - Official

Aoshima Mad Max Interceptor Kit

This was released in mid 2003, and re-released later in updated and limited edition versions. See the sub-page on this kit for further information.


Aoshima Radio Controlled Mad Max Interceptor

Aoshima Radio Controlled Mad Max Interceptor

This was released in late 2002, and again re-released later, including alternate versions. See the sub-page on this model for further information.


Custom Kits - Unofficial

Cavalier Interceptor Kit

Cavalier Mad Max Interceptor Model Kit Box

This was released in mid 2003, see the sub-page on this kit for further information.


Bang Productions / TNT Kit

This was the first custom interceptor kit that I was aware of. Compared with some of the more recent kits now available, it was also fairly poorly made. One company stocking the model kit was Model Roundup, and they have a web page at  You won't actually find the kit listed on the page, so you'll need to ask them about it via email if they still have any (the part number they gave me for the kit was #MADMAX). You should double check that they still stock it before ordering, I haven't actually seen any of these kits for sale for a while now.

This is a custom kit, and you're required to create or borrow some of the parts which are't supplied, mainly the tyres and axles. The kit is recommended for experienced modellers only. See the pictures below to get an idea of what the kit looks like. The kit costs approximately US$55.  For further info on the kit (from Jack at Model Roundup), please visit this sub-page.

Additionally, John F Green Models also used to stock the same kit (I haven't dealt with them personally, I bought my kit from Model Roundup, and they now appear to no longer exist).

Bang Productions / TNT Mad Max Interceptor Model Kit Box

Bang Productions / TNT Mad Max Interceptor Model Kit Car Shell

Bang Productions / TNT Mad Max Interceptor Model Kit Parts
Thanks to Doug McQuillin for sending these pics of his unbuilt kit.

*** For some further pictures and information from people who have built this kit, take a look at the TNT Model Kit sub-page. To see probably the most detailed build ups I've seen done with this kit, check out the sub pages for Scott West's build up, and Willi's build up. ***


Rebellion Creations Kit

As well as the Bang Productions interceptor kit listed above, John F Green models is selling the Rebellion Creations interceptor kit. It is a complete body / interior kit, and simply requires the front suspension, tyres, drive train and wheels from a Revell Shelby Mustang kit. From the John F Green catalogue:

REBELLION CREATIONS- Resin requires 1/25 Chassis

Mad Max/Road Warrior (Movies)- can be built as either version. V-8 Interceptor with interior - conversion kit for
REVELL 1969 Shelby Mustang or similar kit  1/25 scale   $50.00 us + shipping.

Note that this isn't strictly a conversion kit, it simply uses parts from the Shelby kit, in the same way that the Bang Productions model requires some parts from other kits.

Rebellion Mad Max Interceptor Model Kit Shell
Rebellion kit from above

From the guys at Rebellion:

"The kit includes the body with a molded-in engine bay, ready to take the Shelby drive train, and hood with the blower assembly. The front spoiler was made a separate piece since it's knocked off early in R.W.   The lower half of the chassis belly pan is molded onto the tub interior, which slides up into the body.  The interior has a right hand steering-wheel/instrument panel, and includes parts to make either version of the car; like the full-size version, the rear deck has to be cut out to install the fuel-drums for the RW version.  Vacform windshield and rear window are included.  All emblems, and the rear license plate, are molded into the body."

The Rebellion web page is no longer online - it has either moved (new link anyone?), or they no longer exist as a business. Below is a picture of an unassembled kit.

Rebellion Mad Max Interceptor Model Kit Parts

Rebellion Mad Max Interceptor Model Kit Instruction Sheet
Rebellion kit instructions sheet

Gary Lennox has this to say about the kit:

"The Rebellion kit has all sort of extra parts, the fuel tanks for
the boot, a box of guns and rifles, some jerry cans and other boxes and packs that you would expect to see in a Road Warrior vehicle. The kit provides a serate bonnet, so that you can include engine detail if required. The interior has seperate side panels. The castings of this particular kit are however, very rough and it will take an awful lot of work to turn it into a respectable model."


Comet Miniatures Replica

Comet Miniatures in the UK sells the following interceptor model kit:

Planet X Mad Max Interceptor Model Kit Advertisment

If you visit their web site, click on "The Gallery" at the bottom of the main page, then click on "Film & TV Vehicles 2". Then you'll find a colour picture (same as below), and no other information or pricing whatsoever. (Yes, their web site is a bit of a pig - I guess they don't like their customers or something).

They do seem to respond to email though, and sent the following additional info to someone who inquired:

"The kit is a 1/25th scale resin and white metal model with decals and transparencies. The resin pieces break down like an AMT style kit where the body is one piece with a separate floor pan/chassis and interior tub. Wheels and tyres are resin as are a few other body /mechanical pieces. the excellently cast white metal pieces make up much of the detail such as the steering wheel and exhaust parts. It really is quite an impressive model when built and to date everyone I've seen has been well moulded with no faults."

Planet X Mad Max Interceptor Model Kit Assembled

Note that Frontier Models stocks the same kit, their price is 50. According to Steve Jarvis of Frontier the kit is a 1:25 scale resin and white metal kit (the parts of the model that appear to be metal actually ARE metal). They are also expecting another kit of the car, "roughed up" Mad Max 2 style. This is expected sometime mid-May 2000 (apparently this is now available). Frontier also stock a resin kit of Max, see the characters model page for more info. Apparently Frontier also offer a service to build the kits for you, I would suggest contacting them directly for further information.

As well as the black interceptor, Frontier Models also have a Yellow Interceptor kit, made by Planet X.

Planet X Mad Max Yellow MFP Interceptor Model Kit Assembled

If you jump over to CarModDave's Model Car Creations you can find some further photos of the built kit, along with his comments on it. Another review of the kit can also be found at Starship Modeler.


Monsters In Motion Kit

This is a new kit that I don't know too much about yet, other than the fact that people seem to be saying they are very happy with the quality of the kit, and also with the help that the Monster's In Motion guys provide (they will build this kit to order, and can offer advice on building it yourself). You can find more information on the Monsters In Motion web site, you can jump directly to the page about the kit here. Below are a couple of pictures of the kit (from their web site):

Monsters In Motion Mad Max Interceptor Model KitMonsters In Motion Mad Max Interceptor Model Kit Top View

The price is listed at US$90.

Vision Quest Designs Kit

Vision Quest Designs Mad Max Interceptor Model Kit

Please check out the sub-page for this kit, again their web site no longer appears to be online, and this is most likely unavailable at this point (if anyone has newer information, please let me know).


The kit pictured below is by Anubis Productions, and was available to be purchased a few years ago, but I don't know of anyone currently stocking this kit.

Anubis Productions Mad Max Interceptor Model Kit

The guy who sculpted it apparently modified a Gran Torino body, and sculpted the figure and blower. The body, figure and blower are all resin, while the rest of the parts are plastic, taken from a Gran Torino kit. The kit is approx 1/24th scale.


If you've still got an appetite for some modelling, then while you're here you should be sure to check out the custom models page, showing some excellent custom models of other Mad Max 2 vehicles, built by David Giovannini.


For model kit info, thanks to:
Brandon Maxcy, Doug McQuillin, Mark Roles, Gary Lennox,
David Giovannini, Carlos Pina, Dave Boboc, John Grimm and Andy Yadvish.


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