Aoshima Mad Max Interceptor
Radio Controlled Model Kit

Aoshima Radio Controlled Mad Max Interceptor, on display at the 42nd Hobby Show in Japan (2002)

This was first released in late 2002, the picture above is from the 42nd Hobby Show in Japan from October 2002. You can see some more pictures from Aoshima's display at the Hobby Show here. Note that in the picture above the model is "clean" (although still clearly the Mad Max 2 Interceptor, with the rear fuel tanks), in March 2003 a "weathered" version was also released. Although out of stock, Hobby Search still contains the product listings for each of these, as follows:

Interceptor (Mad Max/The Road Warrior) (MR-01/MR-015RM) (RC Model) - this is the original "clean" version

Interceptor (Mad Max/The Road Warrior) Weathering Body (RC Model) - the "weathered" version

See below for some close up pictures of each of these models (taken from the Hobby Search site).

As with most of the older models, this one subsequently sold out, and was re-released at least once. The Hobby Link Japan web site indicates a subsequent November 2008 release, which they also currently list as out of stock. Hobby Link Japan describe the 1/28th scale radio controlled Mad Max Interceptor model as follows:

"A beautiful rendition of Max's Interceptor from "The Road Warrior"! This painted and pre-built body, including tires, wheels and a display chassis, is attached to a base inside a clear plastic protective case--but it can be removed quite easily and fixed to a Kyosho radio-controlled Mini-Z R/C chassis (for MR-01 or MR-015RM, sold separately) for apocalyptic driving action!"


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