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The primary maker of model kits for Australian cars at the moment would be Cavalier. They've been making a variety of model kits of Australian cars for quite a while now (some of the kit boxes are pictured below), and as of mid-2003 they've even produced a model kit of the Interceptor - see the separate sub-page for an entire section devoted to that kit.

Note that the Cavalier model kits would not really be regarded as "mainstream" model kits, i.e. they're not the same as the mass produced kits you might find in a regular toy store. They require a little more skill to build than a mass produced kit, and would not really be recommended for an inexperienced modeller.

If you want to purchase Cavalier kits, you could try the following stores:

  • The Hobbyman, 46 McCrae Street, Dandenong, VIC 3175, Australia. Phone (03) 9794 5999, Fax (03) 9793 9108. Davin Jones at The Hobbyman supplied the Interceptor kit seen photographed on the sub-page.

  • Stanbridge's Hobbies in Western Australia. They stock an excellent range of kits in general, but if you just want to jump straight to the Australian stuff, go here.

  • SCALE Automobilia, who have a web site at Apparently they keeps a fairly good stock of these kits as well, and he has pictures of all the current kits at the web site. You can also email the owner, Andy Douglas, at

Even though you can't get the correct base models for a Mad Max Interceptor or Pursuit vehicle (up until Cavalier made the Interceptor kit specifically, anyway), Terry Jessee (who writes for Scale Auto Enthusiast magazine) decided to build up one of the Cavalier Torana kits as if it had also been fitted out as an MFP vehicle.

Terry wrote the following:

"I write for a model magazine called "Scale Auto Enthusiast" here in the US. I have a regular column called "Resin Kits & Parts." Recently, Andy Douglas of Scale Automobilia in Grafton, NSW sent me a sample of Cavalier's 1974 Holden Torana sedan for review.

When I built the model for review, I was simply going to paint it a single color. As I was working, though, I got another idea.

The model is now finished as a Main Force Patrol tri-color interceptor. It's based loosely on the car you refer to as "Max's Yellow XB."

Assuming that a police agency would probably have a number of different marques, I built this as the Holden might have appeared in that color scheme. It has a radio and microphone, a light bar built of parts from several different model kits, a radio antenna, and both "MFP" and "Interceptor" markings.

It's fanciful, I know, but I tried to make it as close to the spirit of the actual film cars as possible. I particularly liked that it was from the same period as the cars in the film.

Here are two photos of the finished Cavalier Holden Torana SL/R 5000. This model is 1/24 scale and is molded in resin. It's a simple kit to assemble and is very well done. I was quite impressed with it. I found a few small problems, but all were easily dispatched.

The paint job, as I said, is loosely based on the "Max Yellow XB" Main Force Patrol car. I took liberties here and there, blending elements of all three cars, plus a couple small flights of fancy.

All of this is hand painted with an airbrush, while the lettering is dry-transfer ("rub-on"). The light bar is an assembly of bits and pieces from my spare parts box."


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