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(Australia, USA, UK)
Australian Playboy, July 1982.

Interview with Virginia Hey, pages ??

Image not yet scanned...
US / UK  Playboy, Sep 1982.

Virginia Hey pictorial & brief RW review, pages 162 & 163.


March 2002

Review of Welcome Wherever I believe... (I forget!)

Image not yet scanned...
September 2008

The September 2008 issue of FHM (Australia) features an interview with Mad Max stunt man Grant Page, on pages 120 & 121. The "Not Quite Hollywood" documentary is also reviewed on pages 42 & 43.


August 2003

Mad Max 25 years on, pages 90 to 96.

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Hot Dog
February  2005

Article reflecting on the Mad Max movies, pages 116 to 123.

Thanks to Edd Haddon for submitting this.


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