Planet Hollywood's Mad Max Interceptor

Note that as of January 2002, Planet Hollywood in Sydney and Melbourne have both been closed due to rennovations / technical difficulties. Perhaps they have gone out of business like some of the overseas restaurants?

Below are some pictures of the Interceptor at Planet Hollywood in Sydney (Australia).  A BIG thanks to Simon Beck (first 3 pics) and Kieron Murphy (last 2 pics) for contributing these pictures.

For those who don't know, this car is a fake, although it does seem to be a pretty good replica. There was only ever one black interceptor built for the original Mad Max, and that is the car at Cars Of The Stars. The only other car built for use in the films was the dummy car that was blown up in Mad Max 2.

Still, this is an interesting car, and it would be nice to have some further info about it, including some info on who put it together - so if you're out there reading this, please contact me....


Planet Hollywood Mad Max Interceptor


Planet Hollywood Mad Max Interceptor


Planet Hollywood Mad Max Interceptor Underneath


Planet Hollywood Mad Max Interceptor Engine Bay


Planet Hollywood Mad Max Interceptor Engine Bay


Additional notes about the car:

  • From the new pictures, the engine mounts are much clearer and they don't have 6 cylinder extensions - they are most likely V8's, same as the original car.
  • Looking at the shifter assembly, this car had a C4 automatic gearbox in it, unlike the original car.  It seems that it was a 250 2v engine but it should have a disc brake front end and was probably factory optioned with a GS dash.  However it could have been a run out model or one of the first ones ever built.
  • There do not seem to be any of the hooks/support brackets as on the original car (pictures of this best seen in Street Machine, Oct/Nov 1985).  These would have been needed if the car was used in the film to support camera platforms, tow bar attachment, etc.
  • The blower is a proper unit, you can see the insides when looking at the last pic. The blower is close, if not the same as the blower on the well known INTERCEPTOR (have a look at the front pulley area)
  • If you look closely at the upper suspension arm in the photos, you will see a rod running up into the spring tower which almost certainly would be used to lower the front.

Thanks to Grant Hodgson, Kieron Murphy and Roger Roberts for the additional notes.


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