For Sale - The Mad Max Interceptor!

The Mad Max Interceptor for sale in the Herald Sun, 1979
Article from the Herald, 1979
Thanks to Graeme Row for contributing this!

Following Mad Max, the Interceptor was put up for sale, to try and recoup some of the costs of the film. However, due to the energy crisis of the time, and the lessening popularity of V8s, no one was actually interested in buying it! Which was fortunate for the producers really, leaving them to use the car in Mad Max 2.


The Mad Max Interceptor for sale in Unique Cars, 1990's
For Sale again - The Restored Interceptor, from Unique Cars, date unknown

Some time in the late 80's / early 90's the car was once again put up for sale. And once again there was apparently little interest, although this time around the price tag was the more likely reason. Eventually though the car did find a buyer, Peter Nelson from Cars Of The Stars. To see more about where the car is now, see The History Of The Interceptor Part 4.


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