The History Of The Mad Max Interceptor
Part 4 - Current Day

Eventually Bob's other interests took residence, and the car was loaned to the National Motor Museum of Australia, at Birdwood, South Australia.


Mad Max Interceptor - Restored Interceptor at the Birdwood motor museum in Adelaide
Birwood Motor Museum (thanks to Nick Frame)


The car became the museum's greatest attraction, which is not surprising, as the car must rank as THE most famous Australian car, with the Mad Max films being the most successful Australian film series. For some further pics from the Birdwood Museum, see Steve Pfeiffer's sub-page.


Mad Max Interceptor - Profile shot of the car as delivered to Cars Of The Stars


In 1993 the World Forum for Motor Museums was held in Germany. One of the participants at the forum was John Cashen, the director and curator of the Birdwood Museum. Another was Dr Peter Nelson, the compulsive collector of film and TV vehicles and owner of 'Cars of the Stars Motor Museum' in Keswick, in the English Lake District.


Mad Max Interceptor - Rear of the car at Cars Of The Stars, showing fuel tanks.


Peter and John eventually met at the forum and when John mentioned that they had the Interceptor at their museum Peters ears pricked up. Although John would not disclose the name of the owner of the car, he promised he would pass on Peter's interest in the car to the owner.


Mad Max Interceptor - Interior Shot


Bob Forsenko phoned Peter one lunchtime and disclosed his asking price for the car. After a number of air mail letters and faxes, and after Peter had received documents and photographs proving conclusively that the car was the original one, a deal was struck.


Mad Max Interceptor on display at Cars Of The Stars Motor Museum
Cars Of The Stars Motor Museum


The car now resides in 'Cars of the Stars Motor Museum' in England with other famous cars like The Batmobile, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Munster's Koach, Mr Bean's Mini, FAB 1, KITT, etc etc. However, the Interceptor is one of Peter's favourites. "This is the one and only Mel Gibsons Mad Max Police Interceptor" says Peter, "Any others are obviously fakes, I wouldn't part with this car for a million Australian dollars simply because it is such an important car, although I hope someday it will return to its native lands because it is a big part of Australian history".

STOP PRESS: I'm not sure if Peter received the "million dollars" for the Interceptor or not, but as of May 2011, the Interceptor, along with the rest of Cars of the Stars and the James Bond museum has been sold. It is understood that the collection is on its way to Florida - I am yet to receive any further update or information on this (as of September 2011). If anyone hears more on the new location of the car, please let us all know...

STOP STOP PRESS: As of December 2011, the car has resurfaced as part of the "Dezer Collection" in Florida. You can find their web page and an entry for the car here. Will post more info when we know more...


Mad Max Interceptor - Profile shot at Cars Of The Stars. In the background Magnum PIs Ferrari, and Simpon Templar's Volvo p1800 from The Saint


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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Mad Max Interceptor, and Magnum PIs Ferrari at Cars Of The Stars Motor Museum


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