Cars Of The Stars Motor Museum

Cars Of The Stars is a museum for famour cars from film and television. They currently own the Mad Max Interceptor, along with many other famous vehicles. The contact details for Cars Of The Stars are as follows:

Standish St
Keswick Cumbria
CA12 5LS
Phone: (017687) 73757
web page: http//

Below is a rough list of some of the film and TV cars owned by cars of the stars.  For the most up to date listing however, you should check out the vehicle index on the official Cars Of The Stars web site.

Note that some cars are hired out for promotional purposes, so not all cars are at the museum at all times. If you're only visiting to see one specific car, maybe call before you go to double check. As far as I know, the Mad Max Interceptor is not normally hired out.

Also note that the museum itself is apparently closed over Christmas, and much of the winter.

Film Cars

  • Batmobile from Batman Returns
  • DeLorean from Back to the Future III
  • Flintstones Car from recent film
  • Herbie. Stunt version from Herbie goes bananas
  • Mad Max's car from the Mad Mad 2. Complete with extra fuel tanks
  • Wicker Mini from Pink Panther - Shot in the dark
  • Motorbike from Lethal Weapon - the one that goes over the end of the motorway (freeway)
  • Aston Martin DB5 - EON Publicity car with full working gadgets
  • Aston Martin DB5 - Goldeneye with fax machine and champagne holder
  • Cagiva(?) motorbike driven by Bond in Goldeneye
  • Kaz staff car from Goldeneye
  • CIA agents little blue car from Goldeneye
  • Aston Martin DBS from 007 OHMSS
  • Aston Martin V8 from The Living Daylights (jump car)
  • Aston Martin V8 from The Living Daylights (with laser cutter and spiked tyres)
  • Dragon Tank from 007 Dr No (recreation)
  • Toyota 2000GT Covertible - recreation of car from 007 You Only Live Twice, fitted with original props.
  • Renault Taxi - Stunt Car from 007 View to a Kill
  • Renault Taxi - Normal car from 007 View to a Kill
  • Tuk-Tuk from 007 Octopussy
  • Lotus Esprit from 007 For Your Eyes Only (one with burgler alarm)
  • Lotus Esprit from 007 For Your Eyes Only (bronze sister car of above)
  • Underwater Lotus from 007 The Spy who loved me
  • Underwater Lotus from 007 The Spy who loved me (close up car for rockets and wheels)
  • BSA Motorbike from Thunderball
  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 2 of the original 4 cars

TV Cars

  • A Team Van
  • KITT
  • Batmobile 1960's (Replica)
  • Magnum PI Ferrari
  • Munsters Koach (1960's version)
  • Del Boys 3 wheeler from Only Fools and Horses (UK sitcom)
  • Mr Bean's Mini from UK TV series
  • Full size FAB 1 (pink Rolls Royce) used to promote Thunderbirds puppet series and film in 1960's
  • Lotus 7 from Prisoner (replacement car after orignal was destroyed)
  • Mini Mke from Prisoner (not original)
  • The Saints Volvo P1800 - 2 of the 4 cars used by Roger Moore
  • Lotus Elan from the Avengers TV series
  • Model T Ford (Studio car from American films)
  • James Dean Porsche (recreation)
  • Noddy car - publicity car for Enid Blyton character used by BBC. (Fiat Gamini)
  • Austin from BBC TV series All Creatures Great and Small
  • Space buggy from Space 1999
  • Mini van thing(?) from UFO

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