Mad Max Theme For Windows

This was sent to me by Gavin S. Warren. I believe he had intended to develop this a little further, although this is the newest version I have of it. Click on the link below to download:

The README.TXT gives instructions on what to do. Note that I have not used or tested this myself.


Replacement Startup / Shutdown Logos for Windows

These were supplied by Justin Keithley. I haven't had a chance to even look at these myself yet, so please don't ask me about them too much! So just click on the link below to download them and give them a try:

The README.TXT tells you what to do, it seems fairly basic. But obviously I take no responsibilty if this happens to have any kind of adverse affect on your system!



Thunderdome wallpaper by the Word Warrior (262K)


Mad Max Theme for Pocket PC

A theme for Pocket PC has been created by Michael Lillis, and it can be downloaded at

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