This car used to be owned by Grant Hodgson in Perth (Australia), but was sold to George Frederick in the USA sometime around the start of 2000. It is now located in St. Paul, Minnesota, and much more than that about the cars current state I don't really know at the moment (George really hasn't said much since he bought it!). It is apparently displayed at car shows from time, unfortunately I have not been given advance warning of any such appearances though. I also get occasional reports from people who have spotted it driving around Minnesota.

The photos below were taken by Reed Herman at Car Craft 2002. Obviously George wasn't just happy having a car, he had to have Mel as well. So there you go.

The photos below were taken by Reed Herman at the Car Craft Nationals in St. Paul, July 2001.


These photos below are a bit older, although the car hasn't actually changed, and were taken by Terry in early 2000, probably not long after the car reached the USA. You can read some more of the cars history on the Real or Replica page

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