Photos and article by Ken Stone.

Between 1985 and 1988 myself and a few friends built a Mad Max inspired road warrior car using a wreck I found in the back yard of the factory I worked, as well as parts of four other cars and any other junk I could get my hands on. The base car was a Skoda (worthless when new!) and many of the parts came from two Mazda R100's and a 1200. (One of the R100's was a rust bucket, the other, my own custom had been wrapped around a pole.) The above photo is what the Skoda looked like the day it arrived. We'd already knocked out the glass.

Primary access was through the roof, though the driver's side doors still opened. The passenger side doors were permanently shut. Armored window panels could be opened, one of them motorised. The lights worked, some driven by a flasher. Earlier there had been a rotating light and a spot light on the top, but these had been removed by the time these photos were taken. The shell of the spotlight is still visible.

The engine was the original slant 4 that came in the Skoda, spiced up with some additional junk such as a small compressor tank.

People were always asking me where the front grill came from. There are enough clues on this page already for people to work out what it is. We ran out of black paint, thus the flames on one side.

The rear wheels are just the original Skoda rims put on backwards - something that make the car look much better. And yes, it really ran. We used to drive it up and down the front yard sometimes. There were plans to take it out to the desert, but it never happened.

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