Above is a photo of Information Society's car, the "Vector". It's a 1971 Plymouth Satelite with a 440 police engine. It was used in several videos for the band "Information Society" before being "donated" to Mad Max fan David. You can find clips of the car going 125+ MPH (about twice the legal US speed limit) at http://www.insoc.org/ under the links to "The Car."

This car has tons of various crap welded onto it. In mid-1999 it was driven out to the Nevada desert for a gathering called "Burning Man". This was a 1 week party where various groups of people camped out in the desert and basically participated in various forms of merrymaking. David and his group built a full scale replica of the "Thunderdome" and had many people participating in mock battles throughout the event.

Some more pictures from Burning Man 1998 / 1999 can be found at http://www.deathguild.com/ in the gallery. Also try taking a look at http://www.dopplegangers.com/insoc/

Sorry the top picture is so small (it's all I was sent), below is a scan of an Information Society album cover showing a slightly larger picture of the Vector.

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