Replica Mad Max Vehicles
Inspired by Mad Max

This section shows off Mad Max replica, inspired, and other interesting cars that I've received from various Mad Max fans. If you've got a vehicle, and it is not listed below, please feel free to submit it. Please note that I'm primarily intending this section to be either direct Mad Max replica or inspired vehicles, or fairly unique looking Australian 1970's Fords or Holdens along the same lines. I know a lot of you out there own some other interesting cars, but most of them are beyond the scope of this page, and it would be impossible to list all of those here.


Mad Max Inspired Vehicles

Take a look at Mark Jenson's yellow interceptor.
Take a look at Alan Overton's yellow interceptor, built from a Ford Capri.
Jens Jankuhn's Yellow Interceptor, built from a 1976 Opel Commodore B.
Adrian Bennet's Yellow Interceptor, based on a Datsun.
Jose Trigo's "White Interceptor"
Andy Holmes' Yellow Interceptor, based on a MK3 Ford Cortina.
Mirko Belik's Big Boppa replica.
Bart Mangrum's Replica
The Information Society car.
Take a look at Joe Rice's '75 Chevy Nova Police Interceptor Replica.
Ken Stone's Enforcer.
George Kritty's XC Coupe, complete with "MADMAX" license plates.
Sam Costanzo's XB Falcon, a nice example of a standard XB, before any replica treatment.

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