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Mike Acebo's Goose Bike Replica

From Mike:

I have built a replica Mad Max bike. As you may know, Goose's Kawasaki as well as Toe Cutter and Bubba Zanetti's all had the same fairing. I found the fairing at Replico Fairings in South Australia. They shipped it to me (in California). It is a great bike and always draws attention wherever I take it.

These are very preliminary photos of how the bike turned out. It has a new saddle and the front end is dropped about 4-5 Inches. Also I chopped the rear frame rails about 5 Inches to expose more rear tire. I will send you more photos as soon as I get some. The guys at Replico were a super bunch! Cheers!

Also, on a recent ride to one of our local moto hangouts (The Rock Store), some guy from a Motorcycle club was all over the bike wanting to take some photos...He posted them on this site:

The Mad Max Kaw is featured second from bottom...

Funny thing was that this bike drew more attention that day than totally customized Harley Davidsons worth ten times as much... Go figure.

Another thing..Japanese tourists go Ga-Ga over this bike..I guess that the whole Mad Max genre is really big in Japan..

Take care


Note that to find the fairing at the Replico Fairings web site, you should click on Showcase, and then select Fairings 2 - the fairing used on the bike below is the blue one leaning against the tree at the back.

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