Replica Mad Max Interceptor
and Other Mad Max Fan Cars

This section shows off Mad Max replica, inspired, and other interesting cars that I've received from various Mad Max fans. If you've got a vehicle, and it is not listed below, please feel free to submit it. Please note that I'm primarily intending this section to be either direct Mad Max replica or inspired vehicles, or fairly unique looking Australian 1970's Fords or Holdens along the same lines. I know a lot of you out there own some other interesting cars, but most of them are beyond the scope of this page, and it would be impossible to list all of those here.


Black Mad Max Interceptor / Pursuit Special* Replicas

* Pursuit Special you say? The car was never referred to as "Interceptor" within the first film. In the script it was referenced as the "Black On Black", and very briefly within the first film, the MFP dispatcher can be heard announcing that the "Pursuit Special" has been stolen after Max takes off with the car - possibly the re-use of some looped dialog from the film's opening. On the film's release, much promotional material did feature heavily the title "Interceptor", and in Mad Max 2 the car is described directly as "The Last of the V8 Interceptors". Therefore, for most people, Interceptor is the name that is most commonly associated with the car. Just about every article, conversation, and so on will always use the Interceptor name tag. Pursuit Special is still valid if you want to use it, but you'll find the majority of people refer to the car more commonly as the Interceptor.

Listing of replica Mad Max Interceptors.


Mad Max Villains - The Bad Guys

Listing of Mad Max Villain Replicas.


Mad Max Bike Replicas

Listing of Mad Max Bikes.


Mad Max MFP - Yellow Interceptor and Pursuit Replicas

Listing of Mad Max MFP Replicas.


Mad Max Inspired

Listing of vehicle constructions inspired by Mad Max.


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