Mad Max Custom Creations in LEGO
Alex Zorko's LEGO Mad Max Interceptor!

The LEGO Interceptor Mark II

Most of the information I have on this page, apart from the picture above, and from Alex's original LEGO Interceptor, or as it is now known, The Interceptor Mark I. Since Alex originally submitted this model to the web page, he has redesigned it as the Interceptor Mark II. For heaps of pictures and detailed text about the current status of the model, plus some of Alex's other creations, you should head over to Alex's LEGO Technic Workshop.

Or read on below to see the pictures and text originally submitted by Alex for the first version of this model...

Alex is a big Mad Max fan, and what else would a Mad Max fan do other than build a fully functional interceptor from Lego? I think the pictures pretty much speak for themselves, what else can I say, other than I'm IMPRESSED!

The engine is a pneumatic V8 engine, made completely out of LEGO, and it really runs on compressed air. The only thing the model is missing are brakes.




Below are thumbnails of the pictures Alex sent me, click on any of these to view the full size original image (most of the images are larger than what's pictured above).






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