Mad Max Custom Models of Characters

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Max and Dog by Kenn Reul

The above model is one of many custom models done by Kenn, you can check out more of his modelling work online at this web page


Some more custom Mad Max figures, made from GI Joe figures, can be found on Evil Face's Custom Figures Page. Below are some images of the Road Warrior figures currently featured on his page.

MadMaxGIJoe.jpg (17602 bytes)WezGIJoe.jpg (15388 bytes)HumungusGIJoe.jpg (17931 bytes)

To find out more about how the above figures were constructed, and to see some more pictures of custom figures for Mad Max, jump directly to these pages:

Mad Max: Max, Max's Yellow MFP Interceptor, Goose, and Goose's Bike.
Mad Max 2 (Road Warrior): Max, Max's Black Interceptor, Wez and his bike, and the Humungous.

He is currently re-working the interceptor, and is also gathering the parts to do Fifi, Roop and Charlie, and a couple of as yet undecided figures form Road Warrior.

Felix Ward has also been working on some custom figures, below is his figure for Wez, he's working on Humungous next. You can check his web page for some more GI Joe stuff.


As well as his modelling efforts, David Giovannini has also created a series of Mad Max custom figures based on GI Joe.

The whole character lineup...

Close ups of Max, the Gyro Captain, Wez, and the Farmer.

Click on any of the small images of David's GI Joe's to bring up a larger version.

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