A young Charlie Sheen?
Karol Bartoszynski as Max   

 My first complete costume
                   Karol Bartoszynski as a Mohawker

Auntie's personal guard
Karol Bartoszynski as a Bartertown guard.

Karol Bartoszynski:

"The mohawk is made out of wigs, a rabbit pelt, and leather straps. The mask is made from a paintball mask, lens replaced with panty-hose-covered bubble goggles. I'm wearing Rawlings FB-20 football pads, the same as Wez's. They are accented with two marker lights, reflectors, a wig and a rubber mat. The belt is made of 3 leather pieces riveted together, accented with a Harley-Davidson Classic Horn Cover, wig-hair, and small leather strips and tiny replica reflectors. I'm wearing baseball shinguards on my arm and legs, and padded football trousers under black tights. The shield is a hubcap with a belt riveted to it, and the weapon is made of a steel pipe, a wooden sledge hammer head accented with upholstery nails and a rubber knife blade."

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