Karen as Aunt Entity

Karen: "We bought a DVD and took still pics from the film to help make the costume. We used a combination of two different sizes of rings to make the chain mail. The larger rings are what the body armor is comprised of. The chaps, or stockings, are a size smaller. I didn't use steel rings; it would have been even more costly. I used aluminum rings. Even so the total cost was about $500.00. We used brass rods to build the support system for the shoulder frame, with a steel mesh under it to support the chain mail itself. I started to work on it last January so it took me approximately 10 months, and that included time to learn how to weave the chain mail. Mine is a weave called 'European 4 in 1'. I had a pretty good time making it; I expect to use it for a long time. I have a few more refinements to do on it. One of my friends lent me the staff; we are working on a small hand bow also. The gloves are fishing gloves - I didn't have the time or really the energy to make them too. The jewelry is some bangles I bought at different stores. The head piece is made of a brass rod that encircles the head and has two large springs on each side." More pictures here.

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