Mad Max
Fan Artwork

RearEnd.jpg (27078 bytes)
By George Kritty, from an early sketchpad, drawn in 1983

George Kritty

John Hoyt and Joe Aspgren

Brent Lucy

Jon Gibbs

Dustin Henncik

Jordan Krug

Dennis Gruchala

Joe Kras

Mike Brady

Frank Castle (Justice)

Terry Wolfinger

Mike Heffington

Matt Husar

Mad Mootzie

Eric Brooks

Jason Anzbock

Yoshihito Tomobe

Matt McDonald

Dennis Wilson

Adrian Bennett (by Barry Goodall)

Dave Marsh


Mat Whitehouse


Peter Millynn


If you're looking for Mad Max artwork, you might also like to take a look at Ric Machin's Caricature page, which has some great sketches of Mel Gibson and Bruce Spence.

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