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The events listing is intended to contain all known upcoming Mad Max related events (worldwide). This also includes releases of products, merchandise, magazine articles and so on - basically letting you know what you should save your money for next! NOTE - As the release of Fury Road approaches, please check the main page of the web site for the most up to date information. I'll try to post some of the bigger events here, but there is a lot going on!

May 2015

Wednesday May 13th

  • The cars of Mad Max Fury Road will be on display at the Sydney Opera House from 7am till 3pm, with a live show from 1pm till 2pm. Check the main page for some additional details and links.


May 11th to 14th

  • There is also a display of Mad Max Fury Road cars at The o2, Greenwich, London. Again, check the home page for further information and links.

May 15, 2015

  • Mad Max Fury Road opens today! Mad Max Fury Road opens in most regions on Friday May 15th, there are a few special preview screenings and premieres prior to that (check the main page for details), and it does open in Australia on Thursday May 14th. See you on the Fury Road!


The rest of 2015...

No events! Make sure to check the main page as Fury Road enters opening week, and feel free to send me any new events if you have any.


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