Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Filming Locations

A guide to the filming locations used in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

All of the locations for the first two films were pretty much central to a particular area for each film - most locations being within an hour or two's drive of each other. Although it may not seem like it, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome actually used a wider variety of locations than the previous two films. The main "interior" sets of Bartertown were filmed outside of Sydney, and the "exterior" general desert area shots were filmed around Coober Pedy, South Australia. The Crack In The Earth where the children are found, was filmed in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales. Several other locations were filmed in other areas of New South Wales, such as Underworld, and the crashed plane scene.


Most of the following come from the "BEYOND THUNDERDOME OFFICIAL SOUVENIR MAGAZINE", and were contributed by Dee Vyper - thanks!


The opening scene with the camel train and plane, was filmed on the "Moon Plain". The car chase scenes were also filmed here.

Bartertown - These sets were built  on a working brick quarry near Sydney. Check out the sub-page of location photos then and now from David Seymour, and also Karol's photos from 2001.
  Underworld (Pig Pen) located in an unused bull sale ring in Glebe (a Sydney suburb).
Gulag - Max's sentence from "The Wheel" was carried out at "The Breakaways", near Coober Pedy
Crack in the earth (tribe kids home) - "MERMAID'S CAVE" in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. Some location photos from April 2004 can be found on the sub-page.
Crashed 747 (Capt. Walkers plane) - On the shores of Sydney's Botany Bay in "KURNELL" (The plane is a fake set, but was actually constructed directly below the flight path of international flights). Apparently this area is now largely flooded.
  Most car chase scenes were filmed on the rugged terrain of the "LUNAR PLAINS" in Coober Pedy.
Jedediah's dugout house is actually "The most elabrate dugout" in Coober Pedy, and belongs to a local eccentric "CROCODILE HARRY" who actually charges admission to visitors.
The model of Sydney was built in a large wharehouse in Alexandria (a Sydney suburb) and filmed at North Head Peninsula, overlooking Sydney Harbor.

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