Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Filming Locations
Jebediah's Home

Pictures and text courtesy of the Word Warrior.

Jebediah's home, which belongs to Crocodile Harry, is about 7K out of town.

Crocodile Harry's, photographed by Karol Bartoszynski, July 2001.


Jebediah's bedroom. Crocodile Harry, who is said to be one of the two men after which Crocodile Dundee was modeled after, sits in his bed. The same bed and room is seen in the film.


The tunnel Jebediah Jr. escapes down, along with an old car that sits at the top, are found at Crocodile Harry's. The car's exterior was not used in the film, it was set-up simply for a shot of the inside of the boot(trunk), seen from inside the tunnel.


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