Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Filming Locations
The Breakaways

Pictures and text courtesy of the Word Warrior.

The cliffs and the distant shot of Bartertown are parts of the Breakaways, about 15K north of Coober Pedy. The Breakaways are seen in three different scenes: first, when Max sees Bartertown from a distance; second, when Auntie's vehicles drive down a steep incline; and third, when Jebediah's plane almost runs over a cliff. Strangely enough, these were all filmed in the same exact spot in the Breakaways.

The Breakaways, photographed by Karol Bartoszynski, 2000.


The Castle, also known as Papa is located in the Breakaways. This is where Bartertown assembles for Max's banishment on horseback. The dunes opposite of the Castle were, of course, in Sydney.

The Castle.


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