Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Vehicles
Max's Vehicle

The camel wagon in the first scene is a Ford F series, heavily disguised as far as the suspension. It seems to be an F-150 with aftermarket suspension, and Austrailian made lift kit (because the US versions look a little different). Also the 2 trucks that head on are the same deal too. 

Max Buggy from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
On display at the 1985 Melbourne Motor Show
Thanks to Gordon Hayes

Max stars and finishes the film driving this vehicle. In the opening scene it is being pulled by camels though, and it's not until the final chase that we see it taking off under it's own power. At first it's being used to chase Max, until Scrooloose leaps overboard and takes control. Finally Max regains control of the vehicle, and uses it in the head on collision in the final stunt of the film.

Sydney Motor Show, 22-Oct-1985
Thanks to Chris Stratton


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