Mad Max Art

In 2004, artist Marc De Jong put together a series of Mad Max paintings, displayed at the Spacement Gallery in Melbourne. You can read an interview with the artist in Melbourne's Age Newspaper.

Marc De Jong, Mad Max Paintings, "Maintenance" (2002)


In 2009, Sydney based video artist Shaun Gladwell exhibited "MADDESTMAXIMVS: Planet & Stars Sequence" at the Australian Pavilion of the Venice Biennalle art fair. Influenced by his experiences in Australia’s landscape of the outback, and of course the Mad Max Movies, the work was a suite of videos accompanied by sound, photographic and sculptural works. You can read an ABC News article on the venice exhibit here, and view some pictures and information of the car being built here. You can also view the exhibition booklet for the Australian exhibit here.

In 2010 the exhibition was also shown in Sydney, you can find some further information on that on the discussion forum here and here. You can also get a more detailed overview of the works at the Anna Schwarz Gallery web site here, and read the artist's statement here.



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