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There was once talk of a Mad Max TV series, although not much more detail than was printed in an article in Daily Variety ever surfaced. Several other magazines mentioned the TV series, but gave no more than the Variety article (Variety was probably their only source for the information too).

Below is a copy of the article. This article is VERY OLD now, so these rumours have been around for some time. Most TV series rumours still floating around stem from this article (with some variations), as far as I know there were no reputable follow ups to this information - the TV idea seems to be dead.


Variety article (6-Nov-1995)

By Joe Flint

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - ``Mad Max: The Road Warrior,'' a weekly television series based on the ``Mad Max'' movies is set to blast onto TV screens in the fall of 1996.

George Miller, who directed the first ``Mad Max'' and is credited as the film's visionary, has signed on to produce and direct the series. No cast has been named yet.

The show's syndicator, Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution, has indicated it will be sensitive to violence.

``While we are being faithful to the original movie premise in our television adaptation, we are sensitive to the issues of violence,'' said executive vice president Scott Carlin.

``The majority of confrontations in 'Mad Max' will be confined to machine vs. machine -- such as crashing vehicles, exploding building and other inanimate objects -- as opposed to violence against humans.''

The syndicator has already received clearances from six affiliates of the United Paramount Network. These are WWOR New York, KCOP Los Angeles, KBHK San Francisco, KMSP Minneapolis, KUTP Phoenix and KPTV Portland. They reach about 20% of the country.

The show is not part of the syndicator's Prime Time Entertainment Network (PTEN), which syndicates ``Kung Fu: The Legend Continues'' and sci-fi adventure ``Babylon Five.''

WBDTD has not said yet whether PTEN will return after this season. One of the three PTEN shows, ``Pointman,'' is not returning after January.

The action-hour market is already fairly crowded with such shows as All American's ``Baywatch'' and ``Baywatch Nights.'' Goldwyn recently launched ``Flipper'' and Buena Vista has launched ``Land's End.'' Also, in January, Turner Program Services is launching ``Lazarus Man,'' starring Robert Urich, which already has cleared more than 70% of the country.

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Manga Mania (a Japanese animation fanzine) printed a similar article based on this information in their March 1996 issue:

Thanks to Dan Nuttall for this

TV Week (Australia) also printed a similar article in March 1996:

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