Mad Max 4 Fury Road FX Holden Ute

The modified FX Holden Ute pictured above was put on display as part of the press event on October 24th (2009) to announce the production of Mad Max 4 "Fury Road" in Australia (NSW). The FX Holden (or 48/215 Holden by it's official code) was the first model to be built in Australia - although they never built them like this! As best as can be determined, the engine as shown above is most likely fully functional. Beyond that, it is not currently known the exact role this vehicle might play in the film. I for one though can't wait to find out!

Below are some additional images showing some slightly different angles. Also be sure to check out the Fury Road Interceptor, which was also on display.

The final image shown here is a composite that has been photoshopped together from a series of separate close-up shots, to attempt to show the engine setup in more detail. This was put together fairly quickly - thumbnail pointers to the original individual images can be found below the main picture for reference.

UPDATE: This vehicle was apparently home built, and then later purchased by the Mad Max producers. It is still unclear whether it was purchased just for the purpose of the publicity event, or whether it will actually feature in the film. But you can certainly find information and videos around from before Kennedy Miller Mitchell bought it, such as this one on YouTube.


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