Mad Max 4 Fury Road Interceptor

As part of the press event on October 24th to announce the production of Mad Max 4 "Fury Road" in Australia (NSW), two vehicles were also put on display. The vehicle attracting the most attention was of course the new look Mad Max Fury Road Interceptor. Director George Miller explained that "all the vehicles are kind of hybrid, cobbled together, from the wrecks of the past". Certainly the new look Interceptor progresses the old design along the lines of this description. Beyond that, it remains to be seen how the vehicle will feature in the new film.

Offered below are some additional images of the car, through the unveiling, and a couple of slightly different angles. As well as the Fury Road Interceptor, also be sure to check out the modified FX Holden Ute that was also on display at the event.


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