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The Cannonball Stunt

Mad Max 2 stunt man Guy Norris prepares for the cannonball stunt Mad Max 2 stunt man Guy Norris on crutches
Stuntman Guy Norris (left) prepares for the stunt, and Guy Norris later on, after the stunt.

The Cannonball Stunt was designed to be one of the most spectacular stunts for Mad Max 2, and it most certainly turned out that way. The set up for the stunt is the mayhem following Max shooting the driver in the red XA Falcon pursuer, and the subsequent crash of a buggy, followed by a biker ploughing into that buggy.

The box landing site for the cannonball stunt is set up
The landing site is prepared

The stunt concept itself is fairly simple, although obviously also very dangerous, and requiring very precise timing. Guy Norris has to ride directly at the crashed buggy, and then leave the bike only a fraction of a second before impact, sailing through the air, like being shot out of a cannon, to land safely in the boxes.

Stunt man Guy Norris leaves the bike
Guy Norris leaving the bike

Unfortunately for Guy Norris, the stunt did not go exactly according to plan. He mis-timed his leap from the bike, leaving a fraction of a second too late, the bike having already impacted with the buggy. Unfortunately this sent him tumbling end over end, instead of flying straight as was supposed to happen.

Mad Max 2 Director George Miller tends to Guy Norris
Guy Norris being attended to by George Miller (far right)
and stunt co-ordinator Max Aspin (far left)

On top of this, the impact itself broke Guy's leg. To make matters worse, this same leg had already been broken before, and already had a metal pin inserted - the force of the impact actually bent this pin too.

Stunt man Guy Norris is carried away on a stretcher
Guy Norris being stretchered away

As soon as the severity of the accident was determined, Guy Norris was obviously stretchered off to hospital to be attended to. Unfortunatley this meant missing the remainder of filming, but it was perhaps a small price to pay for giving us one of the most spectacular stunts ever seen on screen.

Mad Max 2 stunt man Guy Norris is taken to hospital
To the hospital driver...


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