Dean Semler - Cinematogropher

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Dean Semler and George Miller discuss a scene for Mad Max 2

Prior to his work on Mad Max 2, Dean Semler had established himself with work on documentaries, television commercials, and some smaller Australian feature films. He had become widely acclaimed for his documentary photography work, and this attention is probably what caught the eye of Kennedy Miller. He was hired as the cinematographer for Mad Max 2, and also for another Kennedy Miller television production, The Dismissal. Given his excellent work in Mad Max 2, it was no surprise to see him return as the cinematographer for Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

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Dean Semler (far right) on the set of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

Following his work on Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, Dean Semler began working more in the US market, on films such as Young Guns and Cocktail. He then worked again with George Miller on Dead Calm, for which he won an AFI (Australian Film Institute) Award for Best Cinematography. His next project teamed him up with Kevin Costner as the director of photography on Dances With Wolves, and his work on this film won him an Academy Award, along with an American Cinematography Award. Five years later he teamed up with Kevin Costner again, this time for Waterworld. He is currently still working as a cinematographer, primarily in the US film industry.

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Dean Semler with Waterworld director Kevin Reynolds


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