Mad Max 2 / The Road Warrior Vehicles
Red XA Coupe

RedWipeout1.jpg (21519 bytes)

As shown above, this is the car which gets wiped out in one of the most spectacular crash sequences of the film. Firstly the car pulls alongside Max, and starts to cause trouble. Max responds by giving it to the driver with both barrels. This quickly results in mayhem, with cars and bikes going everywhere, including Guy Norris' Cannonball Stunt. Then it's back to the red car once more, which is quickly demolished.

RedInPursuit.jpg (11419 bytes)
Red in pursuit

Looking at the headlights and rear end of the car seem to indicate that this is an XA Falcon or Fairmont coupe - similar to the black interceptor itself. It would have had either a 302 or 351 V8 engine, and been built sometime between 1970 and 1973. Much more detail than this is difficult to tell - we don't get too much of a close look at it, and as with most of the vehicles, there has been quite a bit of customisation done on this one.

RedFilming.jpg (17683 bytes)
Filming the wipeout stunt sequence

RedWipeout2.jpg (11383 bytes)
About to get collected...


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