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Lone Wolf Machine / Pappagallo

Lone Wolf Machine in vehicle convoy, Mad Max 2

This one appears to be very much a custom vehicle, built from scratch. The vehicle actually had two engines installed, which were both apparently Ford 351 engines. Only the front motor drove the wheels however, the back motor ran, but wasn't connected to anything. Although not mentiond in the film, in the script this vehicle is referred to as the Lone Wolf vehicle.

Lone Wolf Machine parked with other production vehicles, Mad Max 2

Lone Wolf Machine with marauders, Mad Max 2

At some time after Mad Max 2, this vehicle found it's way onto the site of a go cart racing place, called "Village Grand Prix", at Blacktown in Sydney's west.

Papagallo Lone Wolf Machine at Village Grand Prix, Nick Frame at the wheel!
Village Grand Prix, with Nick Frame at the wheel!


I'm not sure exactly when it arrived at Village Grand Prix, or when it left, but it seems at some point the vehicle was re-acquired to be used in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Obviously they changed the appearance enough that most people wouldn't notice, and it didn't seem to be given too prominent an on screen role, just in case.

Pappagallo Lone Wolf Machine, Melbourne Motor Show, 1985
Pappagallo's vehicle as used in Mad Max 3
Picture from the Melbourne motor show, 1985
Courtesy of Gordon Hayes


Thanks to Nick Frame for his help with the information on this one, along with the picture of him sitting in it of course, and also thanks to Gordon Hayes for his pictures.


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